Support for municipalities

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RSK works with the needs and requirements obtained from the territory of the region. The aim is to link the needs and development activities of individual bodies in the region with activities that can be financed from European, national and other sources.


We help entrepreneurs in finding subsidy opportunities for their individual business plans. We process and administer grant applications and supported projects. Along with our organizational partners, we support the business climate in the region.

Association of Local Authorities in the Czech Republic

The Regional Presidency of the SMS CR of the Pardubice Region is a partner of the region’s management in the most important issues concerning territorial self-governments. Important topics in the Pardubice Region include transport and the outflow of services from the countryside.

Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic

The day-to-day work of the association is focused primarily on legislative activities in various areas, especially in the field of municipal financing, as well as regional development and rural development, security, transport, energy, education, culture, social affairs, etc.

Association for Rural Renewal

The mission of the association is to contribute to the rehabilitation of the countryside, to the renewal and deepening of social and spiritual life in these regions, to the strengthening of economic stability and prosperity of the countryside. To motivate citizens living in the countryside to volunteer, to encourage them to participate in the successful development of the community; to help the establishments and activities of local and regional associations.

Smart accelerator of the Pardubice region II

The project focuses developing the innovation environment in the region in accordance with the National Research and Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization of the Czech Republic (RIS3 strategy) and their regional annex for the Pardubice region.


ITI is a tool for territorial development, used to solve selected problems of a given territory requiring an integrated approach. This means concentrating activities and resources so that the resulting effect in the Hradec-Pardubice agglomeration is as large as possible.

Regional associations MAS

We help small and medium-sized businesses with financing their plans (we announce grants). We support the local economy (regional products and services and their promotion). We support entrepreneurs both among themselves and with the management of municipalities.

SMART region

SMART solutions include innovations in existing technological tools, products, processes and services. Innovative solutions, which this concept focuses on supporting, are possible in all areas of society, expressed in the pillars of sustainable development, i.e. in the economic, social and environmental fields. The overarching cross-sectional area and each pillar is divided into four components – areas where SMART solutions can be implemented that contribute to the goal – strengthening resilience and ensuring good living conditions for people in cities and their hinterlands.

Municipalities experiences