Test verification

Subsidy program of the Smart Accelerator project of the Pardubice Region II

The Pardubice Region (Pk) is trying to improve work with gifted primary school pupils. The Pardubice Region project entitled “Smart Accelerator of the Pardubice Region II “has been underway since 1 September 2019. One of its activities is the Pilot Verification activity. Pk prepared for the announcement and subsequent administration the subsidy program of the Pardubice Region “Search for talent and work with exceptionally gifted children and pupils in primary schools of the Pardubice Region within the Smart Accelerator of the Pardubice Region II project”.

The aim of the program is to prepare and test a systemic approach to support the development of the potential of gifted children and primary school pupils in the Pardubice region. Through a pilot project, the setting of conditions and rules, the role of individual entities involved in the implementation and the interest of target groups will be verified. The test verification will be completed by creating a methodology. In the event that the system proves to be beneficial and appropriately set up (successful piloting), it is a condition of this activity to define the future holder of this tool in the coming years.

The applicant is the municipalities of the Pardubice Region as the founders of primary schools. The recipients of the subsidy are primary schools, which are already working with gifted and talented pupils. The subject of the subsidy is not only the reimbursement of personal expenses of teachers in at least 5 primary schools who will work with talented pupils in the school year 2021/2022 but also the acquisition of the necessary teaching aids, tools and services (up to 30% of eligible project expenses).

The total financial allocation for the Pilot Verification is CZK 1.5 million. The support is provided in the form of non-repayable financial support (subsidies). The amount of support is a maximum of 90% of the total eligible expenditure, the applicant’s co-participation is at least 10% of the total eligible expenditure. The subsidy will be provided by the Pardubice Region ex post – i.e. only after the end of the project and the submission and approval of the statement.


Call schedule
Date of announcement of the call: March 23, 2020
Date of commencement of receipt of applications 23 April: 2021
Date of termination of receipt of applications: 10 May 2021

Test verification call in text

Application form

Sample grant agreement

Method of accounting for the subsidy provided

Financial conditions of the program

Wage documentation

Evaluation criteria

Ing. Jakub Návesník, Ph.D.
test verification manager
601 084 580, jakub.navesnik@pardubickykraj.cz

All documentation of the call, including detailed conditions of the call and the application form, can be found on this link.