If swimming, then in the habitat – Proseč & Hlinsko

Proseč and Hlinsko city councils, BAPO company from Brno

In Proseč and Hlinsko on the site of existing dilapidated swimming pools.

Reconstruction, respectively construction of a new public swimming pool in the spirit of ecological trends



The existing Prosek swimming pool was built in the 1930s. So it is over ninety years old. In addition to the noticeable considerable devastation of the ravages of time, it is therefore logical that it does not meet the current requirements for hygiene, safety, etc. A similar situation bothered lovers of water fun from Hlinsko. So the swimming pool has already called and asked for innovations. Like the citizens – their visitors.

The council decided to follow the bathing habitat during the reconstruction. Why? Habitats are ecological and operationally less demanding than classic concrete, even natural reservoirs intended for swimming and water games of citizens. In habitats, in contrast to conventional reservoirs, moisture-loving and aquatic plants, or more precisely their roots, take care of the purity of the water. These natural purifiers grow in separate regeneration ponds. The water flows here, clears itself and returns to the bathing zone. No disinfection, no chemistry. Just flowers.


In Proseč, the study was prepared by the company BAPO, which implemented 90% of bathing habitats in the Czech Republic. The total cost of the reconstruction is CZK 5,000,000. If all goes well, the first bathing season should begin in the summer of 2021.

In Hlinsko, they should already be ready at the turn of April and May 2021. The costs will exceed CZK 30,000,000. Therefore, everyone hopes that the bathing in the new habitat will be a permitted refreshment in our unpredictable times.