Regional Conference of the Pardubice Region

Territorial coordination – support of absorption capacity – cooperation with partners in the region

The 2014-2020 programming period brought an emphasis on a new approach to the implementation of regional policy arising from European Union legislation, the so-called territorial dimension. The Ministry of Regional Development therefore initiated the establishment of Regional Conferences (abbreviated as RSK from the Czech language).

This is a voluntary grouping of partners in the field of local and regional development – the RSK is composed of public administration bodies, economic and social partners and entities representing civil society. It is based on and governed by the principle of partnership and has no legal personality. The chairman of the RSK is the governor. It shall implement the outcomes of the negotiations (resolutions, recommendations, etc.) through its representative within the National Conference.

RSK works with the needs and requirements obtained from the territory of the region. It fulfills the role of communication, planning and coordination. Its main tasks include:

  • coordination of preparation and implementation of the territorial dimension (use of ESI funds) within the Pardubice region
  • monitoring and supporting the capacity of the region, initiating recommendations to target calls (especially in relation to ESI funds)
  • coordination of the elaboration of the Regional Action Plan (RAP)
  • contributing to the fulfillment of the objectives of the Strategy of Regional Development of the Czech Republic 21+
  • collection of information and data on developments in the area and the impacts of implemented projects
  • communication between the participants of territorial development with the bodies of operational programs
  • transfer of the requirements and needs of the region to the national level


Statute of the Regional Conference of the Pardubice Region

Rules of Procedure of the Regional Conference of the Pardubice Region

The administrative, organizational and coordination of the RSK of the Pardubice Region is ensured by the RSK Secretariat (staff of the Regional Development Department), which is financed from the Regional Conference of the Pardubice Region III project (CZ.08.1.125 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_003 / 0000213) .

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