ORP Moravská Třebová (municipality with extended competence)


After the consultation of project plans through the so-called “flying managers” or the seminar “How to develop the Internet in municipalities”, other interesting events are planned. Keep an eye on the calendar of events on the website.

Integration and concentration of activities as a basic approach to the development of the regions of the Pardubice Region

The Pardubice Region has long strived for balanced and sustainable development, with an emphasis on reducing social and economic disparities between the individual regions of the Region, including the border area with Poland. It is based on the assumption that an integrated approach and a well-thought-out concentration of financial resources and other forms of support can contribute to more significant regional development. Therefore, at its meeting on 18 October 2021, the Pardubice Region Council decided to prepare Integrated Plans for the Moravská Třebová and Česká Třebová regions.

The Integrated Plan for AD MEC Moravská Třebová was approved by the Council of the Pardubice Region on 21 November 2022.

The whole process of creating integrated plans and the new approach to the development of endangered areas is a pilot project not only within the Pardubice Region, but also within the whole Czech Republic. The integrated plan must therefore be seen as a living document. For example, analyses in the area of housing and services are currently being deepened (e.g. in cooperation with the University of Pardubice and the University of Economics in Prague), which will gradually lead to possible instruments for its support.

An integrated approach requires a greater willingness to cooperate and coordinate measures at different levels, not only in local government but also in the business and non-profit sectors. So far, a number of local, regional and, to some extent, national partners have been involved in the strategic discussion:

Pardubice Region – initiator, owner and implementer of the project of support for HSOU in Pardubice Region, investor within the regional competences

Cities and municipalities in the AD MEC Moravská Třebová – primary responsibility for the development of the territory, promoters of public infrastructure projects

Regional Development Agency of the Pardubice Region – providing professional and project support, organisation of events for municipalities, strengthening the absorption capacity of regional actors

P-PINK – initiating and providing services to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the regions

CzechInvest – involvement of the business environment in the development of the regions, participation in surveys, link to national instruments and strategies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation support

University of Pardubice – research in the field of housing locally and among potential residents

University of Economics in Prague – research on infrastructure and services in tourism (in cooperation with DMO East Bohemia

The common goal of all institutions involved is to prevent further “opening of scissors” between regions.