Smart akcelerátor Pardubický kraj II

This is a project that focuses on the development of the innovation environment in the region. The project is based on the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Pardubice Region (so-called RIS3 strategy) as a basic conceptual regional document in the field of innovation development.

The Regional Innovation Strategy of the Pardubice Region (the so-called RIS3 strategy) is focused on the development of the innovation environment in the region and the project Smart Accelerator of the Pardubice Region II (abbreviated as SmAcc II) is a tool for fulfilling this intention.

The control body of the project is the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the applicant is the Pardubice Region. Together with it, as a partner with a financial contribution, the PK Regional Development Agency participates in the implementation of individual key activities.

The aim is for the Pardubice Region to be perceived as a competitive region after the end of the project, which is progressively developing thanks to the high innovative activity of companies, top research and education institutes, and the creativity and entrepreneurship of the region’s citizens.

The project is funded by the OP VVV, with a planned completion date of 31 December 2022.

“Activities in the SmAcc II project began in January 2020 and build on the predecessor, the Smart Accelerator of the Pardubice Region. The first year of the project was marked by the recruitment of a new project team, orientation in the environment, mapping the needs of the region and the use of information to streamline project activities. An integral partner in this process for me were members of IPPK and RIS3 teams from across the region. Despite all the difficulties, we finished the year 2020 by creating most of the calls and tenders, many of which have already been won.

2021 is full of implementation for our team, from the point of view of creating the necessary tools for project implementation. An example is the redesign of the website so that it is helpful for all target groups of the project. At the same time, promotional videos will be created to make the industry more attractive as well as web-based tools for appealing to talented individuals with the offer to study in the Pardubice Region.

The last 2 years of the project will also be marked by the promotion and media coverage of all tools and outputs of the project. At the end of 2022, the success of the project will be evaluated in the form of a final conference.”

Project management: Jana Klekar, BA (Hons)



–    Support for the implementation of Industry 4.0 elements in the form of cross-sectoral cooperation
–    Introduction of a tool for identifying talents and working with them
–    Support for the innovation of companies and their business activities
–    Creating a Smart Region
–    Increasing the level of innovative companies
–    Increase cooperation in industry, science and research
–    Improving the quality of human resources
–    Increasing the promotion of business activities

We plan to include the University of Pardubice as a public research organization, as well as a private research organization that exists in the region, and an innovative company that has a significant share of their own research and development.

–    Staff of research organizations and universities
–    Private sector research companies
–    Small and medium-sized companies
–    Perspective fields
–    University and high school students, children/pupils of kindergartens, primary schools, high schools
–    Those interested in studying at university
–    Public administration employees
–    Public administration staff in the field of strategic management of higher education

–    Support from the strongest institution in the Pardubice region
–    Participation in strategic projects and campaigns
–    Opportunity to co-create strategic orientations of the Pardubice region
–    Extensive marketing support
–    Opportunity to be visible and strengthen its market position
–    Opportunity to build relationships with representatives of major institutions
–    Attractive financial contribution of up to CZK 500,000 for the preparation of an innovative project

The following key activities are being implemented in the project:

  • Marketing – activities to strengthen communication and marketing of the region’s innovation system. The aim is to strengthen the image of the region. In cooperation with important entities from the public and private sectors, the image of the Pardubice region will be built by professional marketing tools, especially in key fields that are competitive. Furthermore, the interest of pupils and students in technical and scientific fields, innovative and creative activities, including innovative entrepreneurship, will be continuously engaged. The aim of marketing activities will also be to strengthen regional identity and popularize science and research.
  • Mapping – expanding the overview of the most important participants in the innovation environment from companies and private and public research organizations. A new mapping of the state of the issue of the use of Smart solutions will be carried out in municipalities in the Pardubice Region (Smart region).
  • Assistance – the possibility of drawing support for the preparation of project plans with a significant impact on the innovation system of the Pardubice region.
  • Professional events – during the project, a minimum of 6 workshops will take place with the aim to address and motivate all important stakeholders in the region for joint marketing activities.
  • Pilot verification – a systemic solution for searching for talents and tools to support the development of the potential of gifted children and pupils of kindergartens and primary schools in the Pardubice region. The pilot project will verify the setting of conditions and rules, the role of individual entities involved in the implementation and the interest of target groups.

–    Comprehensive support for the development of the innovation environment in the region using the RIS3 strategy
–    Significant marketing support for all activities
–    Updates and discussions about the Action Plan of the Regional RIS3 Strategy
–    Updates on RIS3 strategy and other related documents
–    Networking events, round tables, workshops, etc.
–    Proceedings of the Regional Council for Innovation and Innovation Platforms
–    Preparation of strategic interventions in the region