What they create and where:

Isolit-Bravo is an engineering company in Jablonné nad Orlicí in Eastern Bohemia. Its owner, Kvido Štěpánek, combines the qualities of an entrepreneur, a visionary and a philanthropist. The company, which with its less than 500 employees is the largest employer in the region, manufactures components for the automotive industry, kitchen appliances – and for the last nine years also one special product: Motúčko.

What are they innovative about:

The company is unique in a number of ways. From the point of view of development and innovation itself, the company created its own product – Motúčka. The motorized garden wheel is very popular in the Czech Republic, where gardening has a deep-rooted tradition, but it also has customers abroad. From the basic model to all kinds of superstructures with a wide range of applications, it is possible to document the innovative potential of the company’s employees. However, the company does not benefit only in the development, production and trade of its products. It has established its own endowment fund and is an essential piece of the social and community environment in the region. The company also cooperates with students, both with graduates and during their school preparation.


Market operations and successes:

The company was founded in 1993. Nevertheless, it has historically followed the Isolit company, which has been operating since 1921. From the point of view of the company’s main focus, Motúčko is a clear success. The company is also highly valued in the field of humanitarian aid. More information here: