What they create and where:

The CityZen s.r.o. startup was founded by 3 enthusiasts from Chrudim. They invented a unique clothing design that gives textiles very interesting properties. The main partners are spread over several localities – specifically in Skuteč, Havlíčkův Brod, Česká Třebová and Šumperk. The startup includes an internal development team and external development resources. With the advent of investments, the entire development could remain in-house in the future.

What are they innovative about:

CityZen has a patented design that ensures shirts and polo clothes stay clean and that sweat is not visible on them. In addition, the clothes are creased less and do not release the odor of sweat. Everything is made of natural materials, i.e. cotton and now also Merino wool. Part of the clothing is also covered with antibacterial treatment, which makes the products even more reliable.

Market operations and successes:

The start-up was founded on September 1, 2018. It did not start operating commercially until May 30, 2019, when it became the national winner of the T-Mobile start-up competition. Today, the company offers a wide range, both in terms of colors and product portfolio, of clothing. In addition to men’s and women’s T-shirts, you will find men’s polo shirts, invisible under-shirt T-Shirts, and in 2021 even more assortment will arrive: women’s and men’s shirts in social and business casual versions, as well as long-sleeved T-shirts and children’s and sports collections. Dresses, shorts and pants are planned for the future. It is estimated to launch these products on the market at the beginning of 2022. In the 2.5 years since the founding of the company, a lot has been achieved. From patents, trademarks to a significant expansion of the product portfolio. They first only offered one T-shirt in 3 colors. By the end of 2021, there will be 12 colors and 3 cuts for ladies, 11 colors and 2 cuts in sizes S to 6XL for men. They are growing more than 500% each year and have the ambition to maintain this pace in the next 2 years. More information at


Currently, the primary market is the Czechia and Slovakia regions. However, they also export to Germany and plan to expand to other markets.

What went wrong?

There were parts of the early-stage development that did not go well at all and the company performance was poor at times. Failure is, however, still part of the journey. Even the most punk-looking, disappointing company can make it to the top and CityZen are doing everything in their power to prove that.