Requirements to gen included in the map

Innovative companies

Entities must meet the character of an innovative company, contribute to the development of the innovation environment in the region, produce products or produce value-added activities. This benefit should be either regular (it is not a one-off matter of an older date) and / or essential (at least regional, ideal national or international). Entities must have an impact on the region / Pardubice region, at the same time they must be based or have an establishment in the Pardubice region.

Criteria that can be used to substantiate the importance of the company for the region:

  • having science & research employees
  • the company spends every year on science & research
  • a company that has incurred science & research costs in the last 3 years
  • regular implementation of science & research projects (in the last 3 years the company has implemented at least 1 project dealing with science & research with an impact on the region)
  • the company cooperates with a university or research organization, has an employment contract / agreement on cooperation with specific employees / entrepreneurs in the field of science & research (they implement a joint project, science & research, etc.)
  • international cooperation with organizations (except the relationship between related organizations: mother / daughter; 1 concern; same owner – without any greater added value)
  • in the last 3 years, the company has patented one of its products; if the company holds a patent that has an international impact and proves it sufficiently, the patent activity may be older
  • the share of automation has increased by 20% in the last 5 years
  • the company regularly participates in international conferences, where it has been a contributor at least once in the last 3 years – thanks to these activities, their competitiveness increases (competitiveness with foreign markets,…)
  • the company cooperates with educational institutions
  • the company supports student projects
  • the company offers internships for graduates and students of the last years (high school and university) in their studied or graduated fields (support of work in graduated fields)
  • the company implements a group (in its field of business) for children and adolescents
  • for energy-saving projects, it must be more than just the replacement of old technology with new ones (replacement of the boiler or insulation without additional added value is not sufficient)
  • implement projects aimed at saving energy (these projects do not include the replacement of an old boiler with a new one, insulation of the building, etc., it must be a project where a vision is visible,… eg completely passive houses, the use of alternative energy sources)
  • implement projects aimed at nature protection
  • the company operates according to the rules of the Smart Czech concept and according to the circular economy


If the company or project meets the definition of a start-up.


Any subject which, by its action, helps to prevent the spread of epidemics and any body which helps to deal with the effects arising from the spread of epidemics; this may not be the main activity of the company, but the proposed solutions must have an impact on the Pardubice region.