The following creative voucher conditions apply for companies:

– Only companies registered in the municipalities listed on this map can apply
– The supplier of creative services are natural or legal persons from the database of creatives
– The applicant must use the possibility of consultation with one of the contact persons no later than 7 working days before the delivery of the application. The consultation can be booked here:,,
– The total amount of funds allocated for this call is CZK 500,000
– The minimum amount of support is CZK 30,000
– The maximum amount of requested funds may not exceed CZK 70,000
– The maximum aid is a maximum of 80% of eligible costs

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Approval of the announcement of the call by the Pardubice Regional Council
10. 5. 2021


Announcement of the call
11. 5. 2021


Start receiving applications
14. 6. 2021


Termination of receipt of applications
30. 7. 2021


Deadline for approval of applications in the Pardubice Regional Council
6. 9. 2021


Deadline for approval of applications in the Pardubice Regional Vestry
21. 9. 2021


Deadline for completion of the project and sending the project statement
30. 6. 2022

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I can apply for the creative voucher?

In order to meet the criteria for applicants for the creative voucher, your company must have its registered office or establishment in the so-called problem region of the Pardubice Region according to the list given in the grant call in the chapter “project localization”.

The applicant must also fall into the category of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The full wording of the conditions can be found in the grant call HERE.

What can the creative voucher be used for?

The creative voucher can be used for such cooperation with a selected creative (from the database of creatives), which will lead to the improvement of the presentation or innovation of products, services or relationships between your clients or customers. However, the voucher cannot be used to train employees, purchase a finished work of art, carry out translations, teambuilding, purchase media space or interior equipment, or to improve the business environment towards employees.

How to apply for the creative voucher?

The following 4 steps lead to the correct application for the creative voucher:

  1. The applicant selects the service srovider from the Creator Database section on the website.
  2. The applicant shall request an offer from the service provider.
  3. The applicant is obliged to use the opportunity to consult with one of the contact persons listed in the Additional Information section. The consultation must take place no later than 7 working days before the request is received. For this consultation, the applicant is obliged to send electronically in advance the documents containing the working version of the completed application form.
  4. The complete application for the creative voucher is submitted by the applicant using the appropriate form within the creative voucher sub-program.

What can I get from this?

If the project is successful, it is possible to obtain up to 80 % of the total project costs, up to a maximum of CZK 70,000. By involving a professional creative, you will also increase the added value of your service or product and thus gain competitive advantage.

What if I apply but don’t get a voucher?

That can happen. In this case, you can wait for the announcement of another grant call and re-apply for the prepared project. However, we recommend that you consider whether it is worthwhile to implement the project from your own resources. At this point, you will see the potential benefits of such collaboration, so consider whether to use the collaboration with the creative.

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