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The web platform for development and innovation in the Pardubice Region encourages businesses and entities to get involved.

The Pardubice region is an ideal place to live in terms of business development, employment, study opportunities and leisure activities. It has the potential to climb the imaginary ranking of attractiveness of all the regions of the republic. To make this happen, the Smart Accelerator of the Pardubice Region II project, funded by European funds, was launched. In the interest of easier promotion and communication, its platform Parádní kraj was tasked with contacting and informing interested parties and the public, especially through the web portal, about this project. The Amazing Pardubice Region is meant to appeal to the region’s citizens.

The primary goals of all activities of the Parádní Kraj can be summarized in four key points:

To promote and push the region in the public consciousness as promising for the implementation of plans of all kinds – business, professional and personal.
Connect companies, municipalities, schools and individual citizens.
To present the region as an area that is already prospering and will continue to develop thanks to the high innovative activity of companies, top research, education and study, creativity and entrepreneurship of the population.

What is
A comprehensive universal interactive communication portal of the Amazing Pardubice Region. The website provides information, contacts, administrative, organizational and consulting work and many others in order to support the project. It is also expected for this site to change and expand according to the needs of the entities involved, the development of the social and economic situation, etc.
Communication brand, i.e. the brand of the project with which all activities will be associated.

What does the Pardubice Pardubice Region offer to companies, research institutes, schools, municipalities and others:
Linking the participants involved with relevant organizations, institutions or agencies. Essentially, linking all those who can help with the implementation of innovation plans and visions.
Consulting in all areas: from handling administrative requirements to strategy, creativity, marketing, agenda management,…
Infoservice on the latest project events in the region, a number of databases/lists and an information guide to the necessary resources.

In short
: the professional team of the Parádní Kraj offers help tailored to the needs of those who apply for it. The team will consult the obtainment of potential funds, or, for example, establish the connection with optimal partners. Innovators thus have all-round support, which will help them with their drawing of funds, successful progress and completion of projects.

Campaign We are creating the Parádní Kraj
With this overarching slogan, the Parádní Kraj launched a campaign with the aim to encourage the involvement of companies, research institutes, schools, municipalities and others to contribute to the creation of the ‘Amazing Region’. It was created for innovators who want to strive to make their region even more beautiful than it is – for those who want to provide the public with ongoing activities, support and sympathy.

The campaign will run on the website At the same time, strong regionally targeted communication is planned frequently (online, press, radio, outdoor advertising, social networks, PR, etc.). The citizens of the Pardubice Region will meet the slogan ‘Tvoříme Parádní Pardubický kraj‘ almost daily.

The reactions of those interested in participating in the creation of the Amazing Pardubice Region assure us daily that the website helps them a lot. I am glad that I can be here helping it all, “said councilor Ladislav Valtr.

Thanks to the website, the truly above-standard offer of all-round support for the creation of a better region is available, comprehensive, shared and coordinated.




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