Project intention information system

For several years, the Pardubice Region managed the database of project plans of the Pardubice Region in order to map the capacity of the Pardubice Region at:

Subsequently, in April 2021, the Ministry for Regional Development launched the Project Plans Information System (ISPZ), which enables the continuous collection and management of project plans that arise in the territory and their storage within one central system. This will create a comprehensive source of information for the state and regions to set appropriate and effective regional policies.

As part of the effort to ensure the continuity of individual systems, the relevant data from the Pardubice Project Plans Database were transferred to the ISPZ. So you do not have to worry that you will be forced to re-enter all the data that you filled in within the Pardubice Project Plans Database. Please note, however, that the data structure within ISPZ is much broader, and it will therefore be necessary to supplement some data.

More information on ISPZ can be found here: