PLATINN – Increase your company’s innovation potential

Find an expert mentor for your company’s strategic development!
Looking for a way to give your business a new direction? Are you facing challenges that are hindering your company’s growth? Do you want to increase efficiency, turnover and profit? In our PLATINN mentoring program, you can choose a top expert to help you implement specific changes to grow your business in your desired area.

  • You will get the support of a mentor with extensive experience from successful projects with SMEs or start-ups.
  • With expert external insight, you will improve your company’s operations and accelerate its growth.
  • PLATINN is offered on favourable terms with minimal administration.

What is PLATINN?
It is an expert assistance (in the form of mentoring) targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Experts include successful business owners, experienced independent experts, consultants or senior managers. Through consultations with these professionals, companies gain a new perspective on their business and a concrete plan of activities leading to further growth.

PlatInn is a consulting and innovation programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Swiss cantons of Freiburg, Genf, Jura, Neuenburg, Waadt and Wallis. The South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) has been the PlatInn licensee for the Czech Republic since 2013. JIC has built its own network of over 50 accredited experts who support clients in uncovering innovation opportunities as well as in planning and implementing changes that lead to business growth. Support is mainly in the form of mentoring, coaching and tutoring.

Which entities use the PLATINN programme in the Czech Republic?
PLATINN currently operates in 9 regions of the Czech Republic (South Moravian, Liberec, Moravian-Silesian, Olomouc, Pilsen, Central Bohemia, Ústí nad Labem, Zlín, Pardubice).

The partner providing the PLATINN programme in the Pardubice Region is the Regional Development Agency of the Pardubice Region (RRAPK), which implements the programme in cooperation with its subsidiary organisation Pardubice Business Incubator (P-PINK).

The Ynovate network, which brings together innovation centres using, among others, the PLATINN programme, also includes two entities from the Slovak Republic (Žilina and Banská Bystrica regions).

How does PLATINN work?
Key to the program are the top experts in the company who design and help implement the necessary changes. The process is as follows: in the zero phase, the company, together with the Key Account Manager (KAM) of the Innovation Centre, defines the area in which it would like to improve. The KAM then proposes to the company the experts who are best suited for the area and presents their profiles to the company. After the company has selected the experts from those offered, it proceeds with the expert on specific tasks, i.e. analysis of the current situation, proposal of measures and their implementation, and final evaluation of the success of the action (final report). The expert’s activity is methodically unified and the activities are continuously mapped.

The KAM for the Pardubice Region is Robin Langer ( or

The consultancy activity is divided into two phases, whereby in the first phase the client is offered 40 hours of mentoring with the selected expert (possibly with more experts) and in the second phase the client can use 80 hours of mentoring (the phases differ in addition to the different allocation of hours also in the different level of financial participation by the client).

How long will the PLATINN programme be available in the Pardubice Region?
This is a service that should be offered permanently in the Pardubice Region. Since the main PLATINN licensee for the Czech Republic has no interest in decreasing the number of regions offering this service, the licensing process is very thorough and the candidate entity is very carefully assessed whether it is a sufficiently capable partner to continuously guarantee the provision of PLATINN even after the end of the grant support from the Smart Accelerator+ / Pardubice Region Innovative project. RRAPK is a fully relevant partner for the provision of the PLATINN programme on the territory of the Pardubice Region in the pilot testing, which will last until 31 December 2026. After this date, it has been tentatively agreed with P-PINK that the licence for the provision of the PLATINN programme will smoothly transition to its agenda (including the provision of funding).

It should also be mentioned that the project has set a fixed indicator to be met in the pilot testing in the form of the total number of companies that will use PLATINN during this testing. The indicator is set by the project at 15 firms by the end of the pilot testing (there is no fixed ratio of first and second phase support, so firms may be differently supported in both forms).